Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Silly things...

This made me think of Apolloll my friendly local ret pally with a vengeance for Hogger straight away, alas the servers are down so I cant link it to him right away:


Oh the formidability of Hogger.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patch 2.4

So it looks like its Patch 2.4.0 when we all log in tomorrow... I wonder if Ammy's mana regen really will improve? Also make me wish I'd waited another day to re-re-respec... all that retraining of spells...


Today I rolled a Warlock....

Today I rolled Hepzibah, a level 1 human warlock. I haven't entered the world with her yet -- Surely that doesn't really count as an alt, just a holder for the name.

I confess to being an addict. Addicted to WoW, World of Warcraft for the uninitiated, addicted to alts. Not to go past addicted to instancing -- and yes -- healing. Though I am trying, at least on the healing to break the habit, diminish it a little.

My first venture into Azeroth, my first solo venture, was a human priest, holy, on khaz'goroth. Her name was Emoni I got to level 26 and threw my hands up in despair.

My very first roll, Kivrin, was a joint toon with my boyfriend, Matthew (Durabis) on Nagrand where most of my alts live. She is a level 46 night elf rogue, alas, for Kivy, but joy for me one of my friends sent me my own account of BC for a present, he was getting burnt out and wanted someone to play with so my boyfriend and I ended up with separate accounts and Kivrin gets very little time played now.

So I rolled Alienor on Frostwolf, she hasn't been out of any of the starting lands. She quested around with Paul's (the one who had sent me BC) mage doing all the starting areas. Let me say I do not recommend this. Although she did make a bunch of money doing so. Sadly my friendship with Paul went through stormy waters and Alienor got shelved.

Currently my main is a 65 disc/holy priest, Amandine. I only play her with my boyfriend, Durabis, a prot pally, the good side of that being we always have a tank and main heals, the down side being I am much more of an addict than he is. He's casual, and flirts with other games, Mario Brothers, Metal Gear, all those Nintendo Emulator things... I am... as I confessed an addict.

He is also prone to wanting to quest and stay in the outside world, which honestly I enjoy too but instances! Instances are where the game's at for my priestess. Pretty much her raison d├ętre.

So I decided to roll an alt. And because I liked Amandine I rolled a priest, but because I wanted to do something a little different I rolled Emoni, my currently level 36 shadow priest. Can't wait for shadow form. CANNOT wait to get a mount.

Emoni and Amandine are both Draenei because I love my Symbol of Hope and my Gift of the Naaru.

You might say I'm addicted to priests a little... I have a level 6 Blood Elf priest, Cordelya that is low on my list of leveling priorities -- behind Perenelle my 30 Blood Elf fire mage, Ameliorand my
if-the-server-hadn't-shutdown-with-me-30pts off level 10 Tauren druid, who currently I plan on making resto, but who knows? I also have another priest, Havanussa, on Jubei'thos a PVP server -- she's only level 6 but she's already had her first honour kill defending Razor Hill from a malicious skull level huntress... who very oddly didn't have a pet out. This accomplishment shared with one of Durabis' alts, a warlock -- and yes, possibly the aid of the guards of the town.

Still, a very happy start to Hava's PVPing life.

Now, where was I? Oh, yes, mentioning my current alts...

Amabell level 10 Draenei Shaman... who I am thinking will be resto... yes I know! there's that healing thing again!

Isolldine (my good friend on Nagrand, Isollde named an alt Amanollde at the same time, and we may or may not level together depending on how much we can bear to look at the names) -- a level 3 draenei paladin who I intend on making prot though I suspect I will succumb and make holy...

Trixila, my level 14 frosty cold gnome mage -- nothing as cute as a gnome in WoW.

I have played a little bit of hunter, a little bit of warrior... I fear I am not the most melee able person in the game. But we shall see how we go on classes other than warrior, I think I may have missed the ability to make my green bar go UP too much.

... so today I rolled a Warlock ...

Currently, though, I want to get Amandine to 70, Emoni to 40, and Ameliorand up to 30 as soon as possible -- Ameliorand because the 3 people I do most instances with on alliance side want to run instances on Horde side and I had planned on running them with Perenelle, my sexy fire mage, but we have no healer. A tank, another mage and a rogue...

I could just stay as the second mage and we could just pick up a healer all the time... but I confess, I'm horrid at not having someone I trust as the healer and it would curtail us from doing anything as 4 man not having a healer included...